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Roundtable: Getting Signups for Product-Led Growth

Unveiling the Future of Sales in Kohomai's Exclusive In-Person Event

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Date: 1st September
Location: WeWork - Warschauer Platz - Private Büroflächen und Coworking, Warschauer Platz, Berlin, Germany

The Power of Product-Led Sales

Are you ready to learn more about the most popular modern sales strategies? Join us for an unforgettable in-person event where we will dive deep into the world of Product-Led Sales. PLS is not just a buzzword; it's a transformative approach that successful companies are leveraging to achieve unprecedented sales growth.

Meet the Pioneers of PLS

Our exclusive roundtable discussion will feature industry experts who have achieved remarkable success in implementing PLS within their organizations. Allow us to introduce you to our distinguished speakers:

1. William Delaney -

William Delaney is a trailblazer in the realm of Product-Led Sales. As the driving force behind the marketing function at, he's worked closely with the sales team to build a Product-Led Sales powerhouse. At our event, you'll have the chance to hear directly from Will about user acquisition for a PLS company, the challenges it presents, and most importantly, how to achieve synergy with the sales team.

2. Andreas Wernicke - and Surf

Andreas Wernicke is a true visionary when it comes to Product-Led Sales. He's laid the foundation for PLS frameworks at both and Surf, starting from ground zero. At our event, Andreas will share his insights into the 0 to 1 PLS framework, how to introduce sales to a Product-Led Growth (PLG) motion, and strategies for competing against enterprise heavyweights.

3. Wolfram Hempel - Hivekit and Arcentry

Wolfram Hempel is a master of building developer tool companies centered around the Product-Led Sales model. With successful ventures like Hivekit and Arcentry, he's no stranger to serving industry giants like Google, Amazon, and Accenture. At our event, Wolfram will shed light on founder-led sales at PLS companies, serving major clients, and the art of founder-led content writing.

What to Expect

Our in-person event promises a day filled with deep insights, actionable strategies, and networking opportunities like no other. You'll have the chance to engage with like-minded professionals, connect with industry experts, and gain valuable knowledge that can reshape your approach to sales.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the Product-Led Sales revolution. Seats are limited, so be sure to secure your spot today!

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